3 + 1 Tips for better businesses exposure on Social Media after the end of Quarantine.

3 + 1 Tips for better businesses exposure on Social Media after the end of Quarantine.

From Monday, May 4, the government gradually began to lift the protective measures in Greece, with citizens being able to move more freely, while more and more businesses will begin to reopen, hoping that in summer they will be able to fully operate, with some protection measures against the Coronavirus of course. Stores, as well as accommodation businesses, must follow rules and take the best possible care of their customers. If you are the owner of any business, which is being promoted online, during this period you should focus on showing what your own actions are, more than promoting products and services. Here are some online marketing tips that, even through social media, will inspire trust in your audience and potential customers.

1. Comply with the rules and promote it.
In pre-crisis times, your first priority would be to promote your products and services in the best possible way. Now however, before your business can restart, you need to take some special action. If, for example, you own a restaurant, you should only have tables outdoors, for a specific number of people and separated by plexiglass. For this to happen, some processes will definitely precede it. Be sure to record them in photographic and video content, post them on social media, accompanied by a relevant text in which you explain what is happening, and thus inform the public that you have taken all the necessary measures and that you sincerely care about the citizens’ health and yours. This will inspire trust and attract more customers.
2. Be useful.
In addition to informing the public about the measures you have taken, it will be very positive in terms of online marketing, if you also offer useful information to it. This will raise your level of credibility and inspire even more trust. For example, if you have a clothing store, share some posts with photos and tips on proper cleaning and storage of clothes! If you have a hotel business, you can post about proper disinfection and ventilation of bedding. This will provide useful information to the public, while at the same time it will reassure them that you have also taken part in these activities. In fact, if you use the right hashtags, a larger portion of the audience will see the posts and many may share them on their own accounts, in order to share the tips. This results in greater visibility for you and possibly in boosting the audience’s preference towards your business.
3. Set boundaries.
Businesses reopening with a physical presence should also have some protection limits on the number of customers they can have per square meter. Share these limits on social media or on your business website and make it clear that you are strict when it comes to said limits. Show that you will not tolerate any violations and that you are ready to fully comply, in order to protect your customers. It may sound absolute, but surely the public will feel respect for you and your business, even greater security, and you will be elevated in their eyes.
+1. Take a positive stance.
The current situation is already quite serious and it goes without saying that measures and austerity are required. However, that doesn’t have to be reflected in your overall online presence. Share beautiful pictures and videos full of color, humor and in a positive mood. Show that everything will be alright and that everything is going well, as well as how excited you are to see your favorite customers again, even from a distance! It is very important to offer this element to the world, especially in such moments. You should not pretend that nothing is going on, as this will make you look careless. But offer joy with posts and texts full of hope for the next step. This will be greatly appreciated and will make people see your business in an even more positive light.

The time of the comeback has come and we cannot ignore it! It will certainly not be the same as before since there will be some difficulties. But the key to success for any business is called adaptation. Adaptation to the new measures, to the new way of running and of course to the online image… We’re off to a good start!

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