4 Steps to Improve Customer Satisfaction

4 Steps to Improve Customer Satisfaction

1. Treat each customer as a VIP

It truly is simple…Treat every customer as you’d like to be treated yourself.
You can approach them in some of the following ways:
• Thank them for doing business with you, both in person and in writing.
• Put real effort into helping and assisting them in every way possible.
• Always keep your promises. Remember: Integrity is key. So, if you promise you’ll contact them to let them know when a product is available again, make sure to keep that promise! Oftentimes, businesses owners neglect getting back to their customers, which could then lead to them taking their business elsewhere.

2. Measure the level of Customer Satisfaction

It is proven that a large percentage of disappointed customers won’t come back to a business they consider mediocre. What you can do about it is to keep measuring customer satisfaction. This way your customers will be more satisfied and you’ll stop losing them. One easy, but also effective, way to do it is by using online survey tools.

3. Find the right way to survey the level of your customers’ happiness

If you do a customer feedback survey, you’ll be able to find out how happy your customers are and if there’s room for improvement on your products or services, as well as to identify the ones who love your product and could support you by introducing your brand to new customers. This can be done with a one question survey. However, if you choose to have a more detailed one, keep it short (i.e. less than 10 questions and no more than 3.5 minutes).
4. Monitor what customers say about your business on social media

A great way to stay updated on both positive and negative feedback is monitoring customer satisfaction on social media. This way, you can take the necessary steps in order to resolve any problems. Most people nowadays use their cell phones all day long, while a lot of them choose social media to leave complaints. Use that to your advantage!
You can use social media to improve customer satisfaction in the following ways:
• Use social media platforms as customer support channels. Be as active as you possibly can and always respond to your customers within 24 hours.
• Do live chats, tutorials or Q&A sessions.
• Check for brand mentions.
At the end of the day, a happy customer is a customer that will come back for more. Never forget that!

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