5 + 1 benefits of Telecommute

5 + 1 benefits of Telecommute

A decade ago, telecommute was an almost unknown word and concept for most. Fast forward to 2020 where nowadays, in addition to already being implemented for some years, it is an important solution in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic! As we explained in the previous article, postponement is clearly a better solution than cancellation. For a large portion of businesses however, telecommute gives employees the option to avoid even postponement, since they continue to work normally from home, which is a very positive and encouraging fact! Of course, this may not always be the case in every situation, as the physical presence of some employees is considered necessary. But in today’s digital age, this is easier than ever… Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits of telecommute that we may not have thought of before!

1. Increased Productivity
When someone hears the term telecommute, they will probably think of a person eating potato chips and fooling around in front of the computer during work hours, which simply isn’t true because firstly, nothing stays hidden forever and secondly, trustworthiness always shines and is highly appreciated at the end of the day, while of course its results seem to indicate the exact opposite! According to researches and businesses executives, through telecommute, the employee’s productivity levels are skyrocketing, showing an increase of 10% – 40%, since employees work without distractions, avoid time-consuming travel, are more focused, and thus cover a larger volume of workload at home. It is known that many people feel more comfortable in their personal space, which also contributes to enhancing creativity, so this benefit is reflected in the result of their work. In the United States alone, workers are estimated to lose $ 1.8 trillion per year due to lack of productivity. So telecommute is definitely a solution.
2. Reduction of operating costs.
Through working from home, the benefits are also significant for employers/ business owners as the costs of raw materials, energy, space rental or transportation are greatly reduced, which in different circumstances are required to be paid, whatever the size of the business is. In fact, American Express of the United States, stated that 10-15 million dollars have been saved, thanks to telecommute alone!
3. Health Improvement
Telecommute is certainly an answer to the Covid-19 pandemic, but its health benefits don’t stop there. Especially during winter, when various forms of flu and viruses are rampant, workers are exposed to them more than ever, either through their work environment or through public transportation, which results in them transmitting these viruses easily and to a large number of colleagues. It is sensible that the average worker will not sit at home to recover from a cough or runny nose, as he considers them insignificant, in contrast to his presence at the office. In addition, telecommute also reduces stress levels! According to Forbes magazine, in 2014 a survey by the leading software provider PGi, found that 80% of remote employees had higher morale, 82% less stress and 69% reported reduced work absenteeism.
4. Facilitation of older workers.
It’s no secret that finding a job seems to be more difficult for older citizens, something that results in them retiring sooner than they would like, while various health problems can also lead to this. Telecommute enables these people to continue to work and stay active and in this way to continue using their knowledge and skills, from the comfort of their personal space, without compromising their health state.
5. Advantages for the environment.
The phenomenon of telecommute has also contributed to the elimination of urbanization. With so many workers being able to work from home, relocations to big cities are declining, and so are the numbers of workers transportations. This results in a reduction of road traffic problems and, of course, in a remarkable reduction of environmental emissions from vehicles. Thus, working remotely is deemed to be one of the best moves for a business that wishes to Go-Green! 
+ 1. Trust and profit.
Again, according to Forbes, a survey by Staples Advantage found that 76% of remote employees feel more grateful to their employer company, while 80% feel they maintain a better work-life balance. This seems to contribute in increasing the business’ profits, boosting trust between employees and employers, and building stronger working relationships.

Of course, telecommute isn’t always an available option, but in a world that is constantly changing and evolving, it is logical that new work models emerge at the same or even faster pace. So there is no doubt that we must take them seriously! What do you say? As employees, would you be interested in the idea of ​​telecommute and as employers would you dare it?

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