5 + 1 Tips for the Perfect Insta Caption!

5 + 1 Tips for the Perfect Insta Caption!

You will surely have noticed the multitude of incredible photos, with millions of likes on Instagram’s discovery page, and you have probably wondered how this photographic superstardom turns out! But have you ever noticed the description that came with them?
If not, it’s time to do so, since unique text content plays a huge role in this, having the ability to boost the performance and popularity of your photo sky high! Keep reading for some tips that will help your shot reach this golden status!
1) Back to (s)C(h)OOL
School is definitely cool, and it is time for us to make all our Language and Essay teachers proud! A well-structured caption must be completely correct when it comes to spelling… If you feel a little unsure in this area, a simple Google check before you hit the post button will save you! By paying attention to details like this, you add prestige to yourself or your brand and to the post itself, which will definitely be much appreciated.
2) Keep It Simple!
Speaking of essays, it’s best to avoid them when it comes to composing your description on Instagram. Most users appreciate short, concise texts relevant to the content of the photo, that do not keep going on forever, except for extremely special occasions, such as an anniversary or a good cause.
3) Hash, Hash, #Hashtag
One of the easiest and most popular ways to promote an Instagram post is by using hashtags (#). Instagram allows the use of up to 30 tags, but we recommend keeping it simple and not exceeding the 10-15 rate. Make sure they’re relevant to the subject and style of your photo, in order for the post to get the highest possible visibility, from as many users as possible. Seeing something that interests them -like your own post- while looking for what they want to see, will make you dearer in their eyes, raise the popularity of the photo and perhaps give you a new follower.
4) Emoji Fun!
If the photo’s content allows you to, use a relevant emoji -or several- to add interest and a cute playfulness to your text, which can brighten the reader’s mood and lead him to like your own photo, among all the others while browsing on the Instagram feed! Most devices and programs offer a huge variety of cute emoticons and designs that can turn your caption into a sweet treat.
5) Don’t take your caption TOO seriously!
As we often say about life, don’t take it -too- seriously! Make a small, fun joke, use light hearted style, and make sure that what you write creates positive emotions for the reader. Most of the time, when people “scroll” on Instagram, they want to escape and have a little fun, away from their daily routine! So give them that, and you’ll certainly stick to their preferences…
 And we saved the best, for last!
+ 1 Well… Stay Authentic
No one will pay serious attention to your text, unless what’s written in it reflects your character, ideas and uniqueness! Each user can most likely find what you’re offering elsewhere too! What sets you apart is your own unique way of presenting and framing it. That is what will make them choose to follow you at the end of the day, rather than anyone else… So be yourselves because the best is yet to come!

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