5 Mistakes Hotel Owners Make

5 Mistakes Hotel Owners Make

The owners of tourism businesses or accommodation facilities have certainly faced a plethora of difficulties, as the hospitality industry is a highly demanding and competitive field. The ever increasing commitments and heavy daily schedule leave little time for the right moves in the marketing side of their business, which is perfectly understandable and human. We’ve rounded up 5 “mistakes” that can hurt a hotel business instead of helping it out and we’re presenting it to you.

1) Neglecting Social Media Presence.

A demanding schedule often does not allow businesses to properly deal with a company’s social media accounts, which in the long run can be quite damaging. In the present era, it is more important than ever, that the online image of every tourist business is excellent. Some businesses have accounts on social media, but remain inactive or occasionally engaged, thus giving the wrong impression to the public, while other businesses do not even have such accounts, thus significantly reducing their visibility to a very large portion of customers.

2) Neglecting the value of the website.

While most tourism companies have a website, in many cases, due to lack of time or proper technical knowledge, the functionality of their websites is reduced and their image does not reach a high business status, giving the wrong image to the public, which results in a reduction of the brand’s value in the eyes of customers. Wrong photos, lack of a business logo, amateur graphics are just a few examples of the factors that can have this effect.

3) Lack of autonomy due to booking platforms.

Almost every tourism business today is subject to a booking platform, securing the largest number of customers exclusively through them. On their own websites there is no option for booking which leads the interested parties to said platforms. This, apart from the obvious consequence of the large profits decrease due to the commissions these pages hold, also diminishes the autonomy of the business, as well as, its’ reputation in customer-brand relationships, creating a major problem.

4) Lack of imagination due to the competition.

Many hotel businesses owners give so much ground to their competition, trying to make the same moves as them, even though they may not have the same resources or even style, leading them to lower quality services and features that do not meet their own expectations or the customer’s expectations. In addition, the personal touch is lost and the get trapped in clichés, while they could be excelling in areas where competitors may lag behind.

5) Wrong communication moves.

In the context of neglecting social media or websites, prospective customers often come into contact with the wrong images and unnecessary personal information of the owners of each business, which results in tarnishing the brand’s reputation and reducing bookings. In addition, the same applies to the language and style of the texts and descriptions available to the public, which in many cases virtually diminish the status of the business since they serve as one’s first contact with it. As you know the first impression is the most important and in many cases a bad first impression can have a big cost.

The lines in everything considering the public image of a brand are very thin and should always be handled with the appropriate attention. Do you happen to know a hotel owner who may have made one of the wrong moves or do you believe you have made any of the above mistakes? If the answer is yes, there is no reason to panic. After all, it’s never too late for a new and improved beginning.

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