5 years Global Touch

5 years Global Touch

After 90+ trips in Greece and abroad and more than 500 collaborations, Global Touch turned 5 years old this summer. Exceeding even the expectations of its founders! Three real visionaries who dreamed of something radical for the digital marketing and web development field in Greece. A company that would combine the latest technological innovations with human contact, a large family which would be constantly expanding and helping Greek companies to reach 100% of their potential. And the dream came true…
During this journey, one of the company’s three founders, Dimitris Sanidas, took his own path, leaving Panagiotis Markos and Stefanos Vamvakaris at the helm. Nevertheless, he remained at the heart of Global Touch, proving its core essence, which is family. A closely-knit family with different views and opinions that together form an invincible combination. Of course, things are never stagnant, so new members are always welcomed, adding their own unique touch!

The family doesn’t just include the company’s team, but also all the customers who loved and trusted it. Those who took the important step of trusting in its hands their businesses’ image. Perhaps they were driven by the humane treatment, the expertise, as well as the fact that both of its founders were also entrepreneurs, therefore they know from the inside the needs and difficulties of a Greek company today. Small or big… For Global Touch every business has the ability to excel and thrive!

Even during the crisis of the last months, despite keeping a big distance, the team remained very close and continued to improve and conquer new horizons, as it always does! In Global Touch the word complacency does not exist in our vocabulary! We are always alert in order to enrich our knowledge, improve our services and set new, higher goals. Global Touch’s vision is eternal and that is what makes it so special.
Right now that the digital part is more important than ever for any business, as always we are here to do the impossible, possible. Having now a five-year, successful course and having created a unique bond between us and our partners, we are ready for anything.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and trust. They fill us with joy, give us strength every day and trigger us to continue to give our best. Thank you for helping us – each in their own way – to make our dream come true, and we hope to do the same for you!

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