7 Effective Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

7 Effective Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

You may not know it yet, but B2B social media marketing is very important for any business. You may also feel unsure about how to optimize your efforts on social media platforms in order to increase engagement. Fear not! You’re not alone in this…

Let’s take a look at 7 ways that can help you increase your social media engagement and generally connect with your audience in a more effective way:

1. Rethink your posts.

Most people these days are extremely busy, which means they check out their social media whenever they get the chance. B2B customers, especially, can be found on social media in the early afternoon, while they’re more active on the weekends. What you need to do is research, in order to find out when the specific audience you’re interested in engages most often.

2. Add images.

It is proven that photos do way better on social media than other types of content. It’s also most likely that people will share them if they think they’re interesting. Plus, younger people are gaining more and more purchasing power, which means you have to find a way to appeal to them. Sharing photos on social media is a great way to do that.

You can use photos of your product solving a customer’s problem or infographics about your services. The key, however, is for you to be more creative and authentic. It’s important to let the audience know what your company really stands for and what your values are. Another great thing that you could do is share content with your community involvement actions.

3. Give shout-outs

A shout-out on social media is a great way to increase your engagement. Make sure to always tag your clients and partners in posts where you have mentioned them. Chances are they will re-post it themselves and that could incredibly help your reach, as well as your overall visibility.

4. Speak up

 Social media was created to encourage social interaction and to help build relationships of trust. If you wish to achieve that with your clients, you have to engage in meaningful conversations on social media, and not just use them for updates and ads. Show the humanized side of your company and add value to the content you share. You can also ask and answer questions, share opinions, talk about what’s happening in the world and encourage customers to do the same.  

Also, when we’re talking about B2B social media strategies, keep in mind that you’re trying to reach individual company decision makers and not an entire company.

5. Do surveys and polls

Surveys and polls give you valuable information about possible problems and things you need to improve. They also give your audiences the opportunity to leave some feedback and feel heard. This lets customers know that you care about their needs and interests, which ultimately helps in building trusting relationships with them.

6. Use hashtags with creativity

Hashtags can be very effective. So, create your very own hashtags by using some catchy words or phrases related to your company, and ask your audience to share them on their platforms!

7.Pay attention to analytics

As a social media account administrator you have access to analytics. Analytics can help you gather important information, including who your followers are and when they’re most engaged, as well as what types of posts are more effective. Use that insight to make a great social strategy that works for you. The best thing you can do is listen to your audience and track what actions lead you to success.

This way you can attract the right people and increase the number – and quality – of your company’s followers.

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