7+1 Reasons why an e-shop is essential

7+1 Reasons why an e-shop is essential

As a business owner you know that more and more sales are taking place online every day, thus having a state-of-the-art, perfectly functional e-shop is now deemed more essential than ever before. An e-shop is basically a digital version of your physical store, where clients can browse through products and shop from their comfort of their own homes. If you haven’t one already, here are 9+1 reasons why you should!
1. Covid-19
There’s not much to say here… After the new pandemic hit the planet, the number of online sales has skyrocketed and it isn’t going to decline anytime soon! People are very reluctant to actually go out and do even the most basic shopping.  They’re now shopping online for groceries and everyday day essentials, whereas before they would mostly be looking for clothes, collectibles, tech gear or anything they could find on lower prices. The online market is growing exponentially and so should your business.
2. It is really easy
Shopping through an e-shop is really easy for both customers and business owners. There are no long lines or hold-ups and consumers can browse through the products much quicker than if they had to go up and down the whole physical store. Also, store managers can easily edit, add or remove products, as well as keep lists of all the clients’ information and proceed with orders with a few simple clicks. It’s really a win-win!
3. It is professional
Having an e-shop makes your business look so much more refined and professional. It shows that you’re keeping up with the times and it ignites trust and responsibility. The customers know they can find what they need at any given time, or even just look at it before going through with the purchase.
4. It is safe
During this period people want to avoid close contact with each other as much as humanly possible, so the e-shop alternative seems really appealing to them. Contactless payments and the goods at their front doors are safe and show that your business cares for the well being of everyone.
5. It is practical
Other than safe it’s also really practical. Everyone’s schedules are hectic so when it comes to shopping, they want the quickest way possible. Plus, it’s really useful for the elderly and people with mobility limitations.
6. It is a great way to expand your business
Through an e-shop you can distribute and sell your products at a much broader audience, from different cities to different countries!
7. It can be connected to your social media
If your business has a strong presence on Facebook for example, you can connect the two –Facebook page and e-shop – and see amazing results. There is a high percentage of purchases that happen through Facebook or other social media platforms, so why not use that to your advantage?
+1. Sales growth
We’re guessing that this is your end goal… And since your products, through an e-shop, are available to a larger number of customers, more easily, a great boost in sales is a given!
The time to act is now! If you were thinking about it but weren’t so sure, now is the time to take matters into your own hands and launch your e-shop to the public. You can thank us later!

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