Art takes a digital twist due to Covid-19

Art takes a digital twist due to Covid-19

Just like a multitude of other fields, the Art industry was hit pretty hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Maybe even especially hard, with many saying that things will never be the same as before. Theaters, movie theaters, museums and art fairs were forced to completely shut off! Events, concerts and exhibitions were also postponed indefinitely, leaving many artists with a feeling of uncertainty. However, some artists and art institutions took matters into their own hands, decided not to give up, and took the online way. The response was astonishing, so let’s take a look at what exactly happened.
Artists go Virtual
Since most people were forced to stay home – art makers included – instead of doing nothing, some decided to keep working and to keep providing audiences with great entertainment… Virtually! Several singers for example actually held entire concerts via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Live. The fans were obviously thrilled, since it proved to be exactly what they needed to lift their spirits and keep on going strong during the quarantine!
Art for your eyes only
Many theater companies decided to hold live performances online, while art galleries, exhibitions and museums offered free, virtual tours. Giving in this way the opportunity to everyone who hadn’t had the chance to visit, or couldn’t – even prior to the quarantine – to admire and learn all about the art legacy of each location. The YouTube channel of the British Museum, reached 300.000 subscribers in just a few months, making it the third most online visited museum in the world. Suddenly the social media accounts of museums and art galleries were not just there for announcements, but for communicating with the audience in a meaningful way!
Art in the time of Corona
Apparently a new art wave is arising, the Corona inspired art which experts say we’re going to be seeing a lot of… Just like the great painters of the past used to be influenced by the tragic events of their times, the artists of today are already experiencing a need to express what they’re feeling about the pandemic, through their art works! Which they’re planning to exhibit and sell online of course… There has been a multitude of digital projects during these past few months and that seems to be quite beneficial, especially for small artists, who are also the ones that have been hit harder. 
The ultimate truth is that things may never be exactly the same for art… But art is vital and freeing, especially on times like these. So once again the online realm is providing a real, useful alternative. Every shocking event in history has brought some sort of change to the world… In this particular – and unfortunate – situation we’re seeing the amplification of a change that was already happening. Every field is taking a digital twist, thus art wasn’t going to be the exception. Come to think of it, as long as we still have imagination, expression and creativity, is that change so bad?

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