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The company Bohemia Restaurant, which is currently the best Czech Restaurant in Athens, came in contact with us, with the aim of upgrading the website and increasing its traffic since they did not receive any requests from its page. One of the issues we had to deal with was that the servers that hosted the website were old technology, as well as the technology of the website.  


Strategically, what we thought it was right was to create a new website to our new and fast servers, which would be friendly and responsive to Google and mobile devices, as well as well-structured according to modern market requirements.


The website we created is based on the actions that users take when searching for restaurants on the web. The menu and suggested dishes are now visible. Promotional buttons have been used in specific parts of the website, based on Google Analytics, to have an increased conversion rate.
Web design, Social media, seo


After completing the construction of the website for the restaurant, the next step was to promote the business. We started to increase our audience on Social Media, while then we created traffic to the page, through targeted, local, advertising campaigns. Finally, during the first two months, we carried out local SEO actions.


The first results came relatively quickly. After two months, the campaigns created direct bookings from the website’s form, and after about 4 months, the first organic results occurred. Bohemia Restaurant now appears on the first page of relevant searches, and at the same time, we have managed to receive about 30 requests per month, both from the website and from Social Media. Within a year, there was a total increase of 147% on the website compared to the previous year.

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