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Old Town Senses, being one of the most special accommodations in the old town of Rhodes, contacted Global Touch to create a new website. The issue we had to deal with was that all bookings came only from large booking platforms, which resulted in a large percentage of profits being lost due to the supplies held by those platforms. At the same time, the style of the hotel in combination with its special location (Old Town of Rhodes) made the project even more interesting.


After a thorough study of the competition and the market, we came to the conclusion that the best and most special elements of the hotel had to be displayed. Due to its Boutique Hotel style, the lines had to move within the framework of high aesthetics, combined with the luxury that should have a primary role, but without losing the simplicity and ease of access to the user.


The website we created is based on the color shades of the logo. We created the homepage in such a way that the user understands the style of the accommodation and can quickly navigate the footer of the website. In addition, we linked the website to an independent booking system, so that the user has the opportunity to book their stay directly from the website, without having to resort to third-party booking platforms.
web design
web design


After completing the process of creating the website, we proceeded with SEO actions, targeted at the countries from which the company’s bookings come. We used specific phrases/keys to distinguish the hotel from the competition, thus taking first place in the results of pages visited by travelers who are most interested in accommodation.


Within a year, we were able to rank the accommodation on the first page of search results. We also increased direct bookings by 20% and created repeat customers who booked their accommodation directly from the accommodation at the end of the season, thus achieving increased business autonomy and profits.

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