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White & Grey Mykonos, being one of the best accommodations in Mykonos, came in contact with us, as it was facing a very serious problem with its website. On the one hand, the website was infected with malicious software, which the server that hosted it was unable to locate and fight, on the other hand, the website did not respond visually and in terms of content, to the high aesthetics provided by the accommodation. The web design was Poor. As a result, users visiting the website see ads from irrelevant websites with inappropriate material. In this way, the company lost its credibility, as well as there were no bookings or requests from the page at all.


Initially, the strategy we followed was to create a new website on our own, secure servers. We did a thorough check of all the content from the beginning and made sure there was no malware. Then we had to create something completely different based on aesthetics and luxury, in order to maximize the services and profile of the company white and Gray.


The web design is based on the company’s trademark colors, which are white and the different shades of gray. In collaboration with a cartoonist, we created animated graphics based on the style of the accommodation, as well as used small, visually appealing videos on the home page.
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After completing the web design, our first steps were to apply SEO techniques, with specific phrases/keys that relate exclusively to the identity of the ideal customer of the company, knowing that this will give us immediate and long-term results and will set the company apart from the competition. With the aim of immediate results, we started managing social media and advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, with a different strategy per month.


In less than a year, we have increased the number of visits to the website, by 67% and the direct requests by 15%, increasing the profits and giving prestige to the company.

What They Said About Us

” EXCELLENT company, EXCELLENT cooperation, AMAZING, and with deep knowledge team! They stayed by our side from the beginning, at every step with consistency, creativity, but above all love for what they do and for a really perfect result to come out. Having seen a sample of their work, we trusted them to create our new website and the result exceeded all our expectations! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! “

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