An attempt to Do a business plan or just a Website without the necessary knowledge can be equally distinctive.


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Consulting – Steps towards success

At Global Touch, human communication is one of our greatest values. Thus, our goal is to get in touch with you, evaluate your current business path, listen to your personalized needs, and finally suggest a complete plan of steps that will lead your business to the ultimate success. We understand that your brand may have tremendous growth potential, but still lag behind due to some misguided moves and choices there is always required consultants to companies. The role of our team is to identify, unlock and maximize this potential, putting it to good use with clever steps and a plan that fully meets your unique requirements.

The process

After thoroughly evaluating the online presence of your business or management consulting, we present to you a complete plan of smart moves on how to create or improve your best online image. This includes:
– Suggestions for creating or improving your social media presence.
– Suggestions for creating or improving your website and its parameters.
– Suggestions for creating ad campaigns, as well as appropriate locations for your brands’ advertising.
– Ideas for the overall improvement of the business, according to your own abilities and original ideas that you may haven’t thought of yet, but can be easily implemented.

– Communication suggestions regarding the style and nature shown on your business’ online presence, as well as any communication mistakes that may have occurred, without you having knowledge of them, that give off the wrong image to the consumer or consulting companies.
– Suggestions for steps that will put you in the first place of your audience’s preferences, of your own niche, against the competition in your area.
– General guidance regarding your complete online image and the improvements or new practices you need to follow.


The purpose of this consulting process is to rank you first in your business category, maximize the quality of your online image and -more practically- increase bookings and maximize your business’ profits. Being number 1 is a sensible and achievable goal and that is what we want to achieve together. It goes without saying that we are always there for you, by your side, in real time with the aim of providing the best consultation or business consultant and any help or clarification you may need.

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