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Grow Your Business with Email

Email marketing is one of the most vital parts of the contemporary, Digital Marketing business, as it helps communicate the products and services of a brand name in a direct and more personal way. Any sharing of information about your business via email is considered to be email marketing and, if used correctly, can be very profitable and heighten your business’s prestige. If used incorrectly, the result could be fatal, as this kind of marketing can become “annoying” to some. Therefore it must be treated with great care. 

At Global Touch, we have extensive experience and talent in communication, thus we can create an email marketing greece strategy that will able to attract the ideal customers for every business and communicate exactly what you want to be displayed in the right way.

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Our strategy at Global Touch offers design and coding of your email account in programming languages, help with creating a targeted customer list, and general advice on this piece, regarding the style and policy you should follow. We understand that these processes may seem difficult, which is why you have our full support at every step of the way.


Through e-mail marketing or mail marketing campaign, you are given the opportunity to share with your potential, or already existing, purchasing audience everything about your business or brand.

Customers are automatically updated for:
– New products and services.
– Existing products and services
– Products and services you wish to promote more than others at a given time.
– Discounts and offers or Discount Periods.
– Events of your business.
– Sales and services packages.

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In addition, you are given the opportunity to get real feedback from the consumer audience, as they are given the opportunity to “unsubscribe” from your e-mail promotions, while at the same time you are staying updated with the statistics of new subscriptions and subscriptions that have been stopped, finding in this way, the perfect customers for your business!

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