Eshop Development

Eshop Development

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Eshop Development

We develop online stores based on quality, usability, reliability, security and elegance for both visitors and managers.

In recent years, it has been noted that a very large percentage of purchases and services occur online, a percentage that is expected to increase even more in the near future. This is because online shopping is much easier, straightforward and fast, which makes them much more attractive to the consumer. Therefore, an Eshop creation is necessary for every business and brand. The experienced team of our partners responsibly undertakes the creation of a perfect functional Eshop, which highlights your products and services in the best possible way, always with the aim of achieving a real increase in sales.

Adding, removing and processing of products

Following our suggestions after Eshop development, you can fully manage its content. This means ecommerce website development services like adding and removing products, selecting their brand, placing them in multi-level categories and manufacturers / brand categories, or editing their relevant information such as photos, prices / discounts, and even selecting one. promotion of a specific product. Although the process is very simple, it means that we are always at your disposal for further instructions, solving questions and any help needed.

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Eshop : Προσθαφαίρεση και επεξεργασία προϊόντων

Order Management

You can manage an order by changing its status from various status such as “in progress”, “for delivery” to “complete” or “delivered” through the easy management system of your online store. You can also monitor it, set payment and delivery method as well as shipping costs, through the special settings, always depending on the country and destination of each order.

Customer Management

Eshops also offer us a detailed customer management system that allows you to access and manage your customer list, their order history, their details and the amount they have spent so far.

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Get your own Eshop, now!

Get your own Eshop, now!

Eshop Developing

• We develop our e shops with WooCommerce. A very fast and extremely friendly Greek management system for the user.

• Categorization of products at unlimited levels of categories and subcategories.

• Detailed presentation of each product or service with an unlimited number of photos, category, subcategory, code, company, description and price which a ecommerce website development company provides.

• BackOffice system of the online store for the management of orders and customer members also includes in the development of e commerce.

• Complete management of product database with easy-to-use environment for additions, subtractions and any kind of change.

• Manufacture of Eshop design with navigation filters. Create e shop prices (eg company, price, size, color, etc.)

• Member-client registration process (Sign In).

• Full text search and complex search.

• Shopping Basket.

• Wishlist.

• “Salon” for the presentation of selected products on the main page and on the home page of each product category.

• Automatic update of the administrator and email for each order.

• Operation of related products.

• Construction of  Eshop prices with a dynamic unit for managing corporate and product youth (blog).

• Dynamic section for renewal of offers, new products.

• Calculation of postage based on weight and geographical area.

• Operation of “double prices” for a discount policy.

• Construction of an eshop with the possibility of registering the visitor for newsletters.

• Construction of eshop with one Page Checkout.

• Corporate presentation with a complete analysis of the company’s history.

• In 1 language of your choice.

• Construction of eshop with the possibility of synchronization with any ERP of the market.

• Gift / voucher system. We can at any time create gift vouchers or coupons in the eshop and send them by email to a selected user.

• Pop up for offers

• Install google analytics

• Full search configuration.

• Code reminder in case of loss.

• Ability to view order history.

• Ability to register a customer as a member and access special prices.

• Ability to access content sections depending on the member level.

• Shopping button.

• Basket cleaning button.

• The customer can intervene directly in the selection of products in the cart.

• All orders are securely stored in a MySQL database.

• The contents of the cart are stored in a database.

• The registered customer can intervene in the details of his account at any time.

• Full control of the warehouse.

• Select “Price list price” and “our discount”

• Transport and Taxes

• Introduction of Courier Company data.

• Calculate real-time shipping costs.

• Unlimited delivery methods.

• Unlimited destinations.

• VAT calculation

• Complete list of offline payment methods: Bank deposit, money transfer via e-banking, Cash on delivery, etc.

• Full online payment support: Credit cards, Paypal

• Full support of Greek Banks

• Full HTTPS / SSL support

• Hide customer data

• Password protection in management access

• Compliance with the European GDPR Regulation

With the developing of eshops, we give you the following as a gift

Social Media Set Up

1 Year Free Hosting


WE INVEST in HUMAN trade relations. Meet us directly via video conference.

WE ENSURE our cooperation through a flexible way of paying the project.

WE ENSURE the best price on the market in relation to the project and the technical support we provide.

WE REWARD collaborations that are made directly with additional services and benefits that WORTH TO WIN.

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Get your own Eshop, now!

Get your own Eshop, now!


In 25-30 days from the moment you deliver  for Eshop construction and all the material to us, you will have your new Eshop ready for delivery and fully functional. Woocommerce allows you to upgrade any future.

The immediate payment methods you can have are PAYPAL, VIVAWALLET, BANK TRANSFER, STRIPE, BRAINTREE, MEASUREMENT with REPLACEMENT, etc. Additional payment methods may also be added that require an interconnection with Eurobank, Alpha Bank, etc.

Before the delivery of the site but also during our cooperation, we will be trained in the management of the platform so that you can change and add content to both simple pages and products.

We are here to help you at any time not only with work related to the operation of the Eshop, but also consulting for its better promotion. Our company believes in long-term relationships.

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