Photo-shooting & Video

Photo and Video

The Importance of Using Photo & Video in Your Marketing Campaign.

Photo-shooting & Video

Photo & Video

In the current digital age, any business aiming for a dynamic online presence must pay attention to the importance of its visual content, especially if we’re talking about a tourism business where the visual stimulus plays one of the most important parts. That is, images and videos, which, when created in the right way, have the ability to showcase your brand in a unique, direct way since they are used everywhere, from websites and social media platforms to ad campaigns.

By creating an appealing content for the purchasing audience, you ensure increased bookings/sales, as well as the best possible, complete prism of your business. The key to success, however, lies in the way this visual content is created, since by making the wrong choices, the results could be exactly the opposite, which would of course, hurt your business and reduce your profits.

Creating photos and videos is kind of like magic… And the experienced Global Touch’s work force, knows very well how to use this magic to your advantage! Leave yourselves free to our touch and the result will definitely justify you. It goes without saying that we will stay by your side, throughout the whole process for any clarifications or suggestions you may have, but also for any help or questions. Our goal is to guide you on the right path, for you personally.

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Photo Content

It is now very well known, that a photo is worth a thousand words! This twice as true in the business world, and especially in Digital Marketing, as most sales or bookings are triggered by images… Images that are everywhere we look online. In social media, search engines, websites, etc.

A well-structured, text content could be undermined, when not accompanied by the equivalent visual content. Global Touch’s team can come to your space, upon request, and take high resolution photos of your business facilities or services depending on your needs, which will then be used in the next steps of your business’ online development.

We always make sure that the visual content we provide is highly representative of your brand’s identity, in order to present your products and services in the best possible way. We take the time to listen to your vision and realize it, making your dream come true!

Video Content

A photo may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand photos, thus, a million words… So you understand that creating a video, has the ability to help communicate the brand’s name, and any product you wish to share, with bigger immediacy and accuracy.

In recent years, social media has been moving daily from image to video content, with new video apps and platforms popping up every day, but also with tangible evidence, as audiences around the world appear to be more “responsive” to video material, than any other… That’s reflected in the statistics, as well as, in the overall “engagement” of each platform!

Video has the ability to get the message you want to deliver across, in a more effective and efficient way, while of course being able to convey a greater amount of information and give a sense of professionalism and prestige to your business, company or brand, naturally resulting in increased profits.

Global Touch’s team has a wealth of experience and expertise in video recording, so if you choose this service, one of our partners will come to your place and create highly “alive” video content, capable of highlighting your facilities and services and to attract an even greater number of customers.

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After that, the possibilities are endless, since this material can be used in your whole, online presence and ensure better representation of your brand, on platforms such as Facebook Watch, Instagram, Youtube or your website as well as media campaigns that will boost your popularity -and your profits– sky high!

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