Covid-19 motivates us to focus online

Covid-19 motivates us to focus online

The new pandemic that has hit the world in recent months has caused great concern to everyone, especially on the very important issue of health but also, for many, on the issue of work. Various fields such as the arts and tourism have been hit hard, without anyone knowing what the outcome will be and when it will happen. However, in the midst of the crisis, some fields seem to be flourishing both globally and in Greece. Below we analyze how this came to be, by taking a positive approach to this difficult situation.

Big increase in online shopping

The growing tendency in e-commerce has been a global fact, even before the Covid-19 pandemic. It seems though, that since most citizens were forced to stay at home, there was an even greater impetus in online shopping, even in countries where it wasn’t as widespread, like Greece for example. This new reality has prompted consumers to become familiar with the idea, turning it into a habit that, as it turns out, will remain in their daily lives. Many supermarkets and pharmacies that did not do so before began offering home delivery services that ultimately contributed to their overall growth. In addition, it has greatly helped the older age group of consumers, as well as those with mobility difficulties.

Turn to technology professions

Although, unfortunately, many people feel insecure about their jobs due to the new pandemic, some fields are booming. According to researches, in recent months, professions such as software developing, IT administration, digital marketing, graphic design, IT support and many more in the technology department have become more sought after than ever before, showing in this way that the future lies online. Of course, that doesn’t come as a surprise, but this big growth tendency is certainly a new fact.

Rise of telework

Many were forced to stop their jobs in the middle of the pandemic. But those who were able to continue working from home did so, with large multinational companies quickly taking the initiative. As a result, working from home has become more popular, which could prove to be useful in the future for people living in the country, older workers and those with transportation difficulties. The most positive thing is that the productivity of employees has not decreased in the slightest, while in many cases it seems to have increased.

Focus on online marketing

Many business owners, even in 2020, neglected the digital marketing part of their businesses and their overall online image, with no positive results whatsoever. Covid-19, however, gave a large portion of them the impetus to draw attention to this area and to see its positive impact. A trend that will obviously remain after the crisis, as those who have not done so before, are already seriously considering their next actions regarding online marketing and the benefits that their harmonization with modern techniques will have.
Yes, the new pandemic is a harsh reality, but we must remember that there is no negative situation without positive elements. After all, by keeping up with the precepts of every age, we can only win! See you online!

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