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Why you need WhatsApp Business more than you think!

Why you need WhatsApp Business more than you think!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps – if not the most popular – these days. However, since it was first released, it has come a long way from being just a communication app. It provides quick calls and text messages all over the world… for free! Yes, free! Which is one of the main reasons why its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years! Naturally, the well-known app caught the attention of businesses and so in 2018, WhatsApp introduced us to its sister Business app. Aimed mainly at small and medium-sized businesses, this powerful tool could be exactly what you need to achieve maximum results when it comes to your business’s communication and online presence! Keep reading to find out why!

It’s easy to use

All you have to do is download the app and register your business. You can use your mobile phone number to do this, or if you want to keep your mobile phone for your personal WhatsApp account, you can register your business landline number! In addition, it is also available for use on desktops, via WhatsApp Web.

Instant customer service and communication

You can communicate directly with your existing customers or potential new customers among the 1.5 billion active WhatsApp users! You can massively inform them about new offers and discounts through thebroadcasting feature, send reminders and just be there for any question or query they have, creating a feeling of trust. It’s well known that people these days prefer instant messaging to do just about anything, and the same goes for shopping and business contacts. Being available when they need it, in real time will definitely be highly appreciated. As for the times when you can’t be there, WhatsApp has you covered there too! You can set up automated messages, such as “Thank you for your order” or “We’re closed at the moment, but we’ll be with you as soon as possible” whenever you deem it necessary.

Action beyond the limits

Let’s say your business is based in Greece, but you want to broaden your horizons and expand globally. Communicating with potential customers through simple text messages or calls could cost thousands, whereas through WhatsApp you can do it for free! You can also showcase your products or services through your WhatsApp business profile and manage shipments. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s because it is!

Safety first

WhatsApp provides two-factor authentication, which you should definitely enable. This knowledge gives users some peace of mind, as well as a sense of security and credibility, knowing that at the end of the line, it’s the real owner of the business and not some scammer who could potentially steal their money. What’s more, when setting up your business profile, once WhatsApp matches the phone number you’ve provided with that of the business, you’ll get a grey tick. If WhatsApp thinks you’re trustworthy enough, you may even be given a green tick (there’s nothing you can do to earn it), which will further assure your customers that you are, indeed, authentic!

Brand name

The app offers tons of marketing possibilities for your brand name! In addition to including your business name, logo, physical address and any other information you want, you can also customize wallpapers, colors and other conversation settings to give your brand a real feel to customers. Your business’s brand awareness is really important! You can also use fun features like WhatsApp stories to let your customers know about new products, the look of your physical store, new discounts and offers, etc. Judging by the success businesses have had with Facebook and Instagram, stories we’re guessing you’ll get a lot of attention!

In conclusion, WhatsApp offers a complete package for businesses and although you may not have thought about it until now, it could take your customer support and communication game to the next level, along with the success of your business of course!

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