How TikTok "won" the quarantine

How TikTok "won" the quarantine

TikTok, a word that for many is associated with the ultimate in fun, while for others with the ultimate annoyance… Whatever we may say about it though, it is undoubtedly one of the absolute stars of 2020! As we have mentioned in the past, TikTok quickly reached the top. In the middle of quarantine, this unexpected success doubled, if not tripled.
But how did this happen? Some things are purely a matter of circumstances and luck, in this case however, the platform’s features certainly played a part. All these factors contributed to the success of TikTok, during a very difficult period, which became more than viral both worldwide and in Greece!

What people want…

Yes, many may have been annoyed and found all the TikTok madness silly, but as the late, famous Greek actress, Aliki Vougiouklaki used to say “That’s what people want”, and since that’s what people want, that’s what TikTok offers. Laughter, music, comedy, playback videos, funny filters, dancing and fun… But from home! Very tempting for all those who are forced to stay at home and very fun, in the middle of a pandemic that’s anything but fun. After all, in difficult times, people have always needed joy, fun, mental exaltation, and sparkle… This is perhaps the most important factor in its enormous success, this past period.

Famous in action!

When something goes viral, it is usually immediately adopted by celebrities, which results in it becoming even more viral. This is exactly what happened with TikTok around the world, but also in Greece too. The platform was filled with funny videos of famous celebrities, such as actors, who even lipsynced to parts of their own, older, great successes. At the same time, even TV shows began to be active on TikTok, dedicating sections to it and creating funny videos on air. You understand now that its blastoff was a given!

Fun for every country

TikTok is mainly based on music tracks and comical, audio excerpts that serve as background sounds for user’s videos. An important factor that contributed to its great impact is that for each country there are corresponding pieces, well-known from musical hits or television. This makes the experience even more personal for users, who have the opportunity to “play around” with famous fun-favorites. The most popular ones remain the excerpts from successful TV series!

Creativity & Special Effects

It is well known that us humans, as a species, are visual beings! So TikTok offers a multitude of visual effects and filters through AR, which impress and offer all the visual satisfaction users are looking for. From changing your appearance, such as your eyes and hair, to placing yourself in magical locations with a change of background to even dressing your pet with the filters, the possibilities are endless. So is the success of TikTok! Its features excite the imagination as well as the creativity, since everyone has the means to create a unique video, exactly like they have imagined… Creativity is always rewarded and successful, especially in times when we need it most. This is evidenced by the success of the media itself, as well as by the success of many of the TikTok fans’ videos.
Whether you love it or not, the only sure thing is that you are talking or have heard about it. Therefore, TikTok has achieved its goal to the fullest and is here to stay. Will you give in or not? It’s a whole new world!

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