How to build a successful tourism brand

How to build a successful tourism brand

Upon hearing the term successful tourism brand, a number of success stories of big names in the field that have excelled and turned their brand into a true benchmark, come to mind. Familiar names we have been hearing about every day for years such as the Athenian Hilton, the Grande Bretagne, the Grecotel and many more may leave us in awe. Their success seems enormous, and in just the thought of competing with them, many business owners would be scared … Why? What is it that ranks them at the top and who said you can’t do it yourself? The answer to that would be: No one!

Powerful Brand Name.

What these businesses have achieved is a thorny brand name that has become synonymous with prestige and steady value… You may not belong in the Hilton family empire, but there are ways to build your own strong name in the field and that’s up to you. Your choices and your right strategic moves will be the ones that will put you at the top. Everything starts with authenticity, which is irreplaceable.

Stand alone. Stand Strong.

Customers who usually book on a tourist brand of that class, wouldn’t dream of using a booking platform to do it! Since with brands of such high class, expectations are high and customers consider it a given that there will be an exclusive booking page on the brand’s website. So, by not having such a standalone page and relying solely on booking platforms, you are reducing the autonomy, prestige and, of course, the profits of your business. Therefore, relying on your own strengths and investing in your own pages is the right way to go.

Social Power.

You will have probably noticed, that the most successful tourism companies have an excellent online image on social media, capable of attracting customers, while also giving them a sense of immediacy and prestige, thus making the brand even more appealing. Especially today, when image plays such an important role, perhaps the largest number of hotel reservations is being booked online and is ignited in the Social Media realm. Consequently, an excellent and well-structured presence in them is essential for the creation of a strong, tourist brand name.

Website in foreground.

As web expert Jakob Nielsen has said, “A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson” … Just the opposite of what a tourism business needs to get to the top. An old-fashioned website with no proper structure can repel the purchasing public and give a completely wrong image. The same goes for its complete absence. The website of a tourist brand that wants to succeed should be aesthetically pleasing and fully functional in line with the latest technological developments of web designing.

Communication perfection

Some may say that any publicity is good publicity, but this is not the case for tourism brands that respect themselves and hold a top position. So every photo, every text and every piece of information available online regarding your business, should be carefully designed to show your best image and leave no room for errors or defamation.

Building a top tourist brand requires a number of careful moves, specialty in the field and proper handling! But nothing is impossible, and no matter how far the top sometimes seems, you just need to get on the right track and from there the journey will surely be extremely interesting and profitable…

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