How would a World Without Social Media Be?

How would a World Without Social Media Be?

We’ve all heard people saying that social media can be a bad influence – especially for younger people – and how they’re responsible for isolation and or narcissistic tendencies, countless times. However, have you ever thought about how the world would actually be, without social media existing at all? What’s funny is that most of those who complain about these things do it on… well, Social media! Those platforms have become so interwoven with our daily lives that it’s often easy to forget about the benefits and complain. Keep reading to see how life would be, without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc and then decide for yourselves if they’re worthy or not!
Advertising would be 10 times harder
Social media came into our lives and completely swept us away, but before that advertising was mostly done through television, radio, magazines and newspapers. These are obviously very effective, but they can be quite costly. With social media advertising, more small businesses can advertise themselves affordably and can also have access to demographics, audience information, statistics, and many other features that were never available in the past. These all make marketing so much easier and more effective at a lower cost. So what’s not to like?
Fewer Voices would be heard
Before social media hit us like a truck, important opinions were mostly heard through, again, television, radio, magazines and newspapers. However in these media, not everyone can have a voice. Not everyone can write, speak their mind and express themselves. Social media on the other hand, gave everyone the chance to voice their concerns, opinions and minds, which led to groundbreaking results! If we wish for equality, we can’t rule out social media from the equation.
Information would be limited and harder to find
Now don’t get us wrong… Taking a trip down to the public library to gather info or study is a wonderful thing that more people should do, instead of doing everything online. But don’t forget that not everyone has access to libraries, educational institutions or even bookstores. People who live the country, older people or people of countries with limited resources, can find a large number of the things they need online. Books, information, historical facts, tutorials, essays… It’s all there! Plus, walking to the library every time a question like “How do crocodiles reproduce?” pops into your mind, isn’t very practical.
People would lose touch
Yes! We said that! You’d be surprised at how many old classmates, who’ve lost touch through the years, have actually found each other through Facebook! For some, social media can contribute to isolation, but if they’re used correctly, they could be a source of real connection.
Calls would cost much more
Along with social media, we were also introduced to chats, video calls and instant messaging for free! Imagine having a long distance relationship and not being able to see or talk easily to your significant other or even your cousins who live miles away… A nightmare that was unfortunately real life for people before Skype and messenger video calls came into the picture!
You see, social media have actually improved our lives quite a bit. Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t take a dark twist, but essentially they are just useful tools. It’s up to us to use them for all the right reasons!

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