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In 2023 we delivered:

1000+ meetings with decision makers to our customers

Multiple conversions of cold contacts to relationship-based leads


Qualified Leads,
Genuine Relationships,
& New Customers


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How you can benefit from our service


Significant Resource Savings

You don’t have to hire, train, or supervise an in-house LinkedIn team.

Free up your existing marketing & sales talent and resources so they can focus on closing sales and servicing your customers.

Our LinkedIn specialized team does all the Lead Generation work for you – from initial outreach, qualification, and verification. Once we’ve firmly established your new Global Touch LinkedIn lists and relationships, you step in, develop the relationship and make new deals, close new sales, and get new clients.


Anticipated results

The numbers show all you need to know!


Our services

Profile Optimization

Professional presentation of knowledge, experience, and specialization.

Lists of potential customers

That is, lists with the audience that interests you geographically, demographically, in position and relationship to the company’s approach, etc. These lists are a new asset due to their value.

Strategic message exchange

Writing messages that approach not as sales but as advisory specialization that gives value to the recipient.

Database creation

Creating a list of decision-makers who can lead to new profitable contracts!

LinkedIn Post Campaign

The campaign of posts and the communication strategy as an advisor and specialist in your subject will positively affect your new audience.

Relationship development

A part of the contacts will respond faster and a part in a second time. Building relationships, however, concerns all contacts. As relationships are built, effort will yield more leads in the medium term.






High-level meetings during the year

You will be able to make an appointment quickly and get rid of the financial roller coaster.

New contracts per year with our LinkedIn system!

Accelerate your growth and forget sales turnover.


Save of your sales team's monthly salary!

Save time in the networking and expensive sales team.



Optimize Profile

This will help customers see your great experience in the selected expertise.

Create a list of leads

This helps you find your place and focus on the most profitable customers.


Messaging strategy

Write interesting messages and become a trusted IT consultant, not a IT seller for a penny!

Create Database

Create a list of decision makers for new profitable contracts!


LinkedIn message campaign

Get a list of personalized scripts to start negotiations and become a trusted IT consultant!

Relationship Development and New Opportunities

Get over 70 new customers monthly in your contact database.


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Suresh Purushothaman
Key Account Director (UK)

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Suresh Purushothaman
Key Account Director (UK)