No to Cancellation ... Yes! To Postponement

No to Cancellation ... Yes! To Postponement

Many years ago Benjamin Franklin said “Never leave that till tomorrow, which you can do today.” However, in the period we’re going through today, planet Earth in the midst of the emergence of a new pandemic seems to be commanding exactly the opposite… Large gatherings, exhibitions, and conferences around the world are being postponed, others indefinitely and others until next year. Great events, such as the Olympics Games or even the Eurovision song contest, have already been postponed for 2021 and more sports and other events are expected to follow. Most airlines follow the same route, reducing their number of flights, suspending or delaying flights until a certain date, with some being canceled.  It also seems that commercial air traffic is expected to drop by 8.9% worldwide according to Forbes’ data, marking the biggest decline since 1978.
Interestingly, however, all of the above at least to a large extent seem to be not canceled but postponed. Any total cancellation of any kind would not make any sense and certainly would not have a positive effect. Unfortunately the same trend seems not to be followed by vacation goers and travelers… In recent days, cancellations in Greek hotel and accommodation rooms have reached the maximum level, which will certainly affect the balance of Tourism in the country. Also, such movements are not expected to have a positive impact on the psychology of travelers or tourism business owners…
And what if we just postpone it?
Assuming all these cancellations were simply postponements, what would be the consequences? Certainly this would be of great help to the economic scene, but especially to the psychological one. “Cancellation” is always accompanied by a feeling of frustration and a sensation of complete ending. Something which is quite compounding to the already burdened mental state of most people in the world right now!

In such times of crisis, one of our greatest weapons, besides of course adhering to the contextual measures and the rules of personal hygiene and protection, is the psychological state. The more positive it is, the greater the chances we have of defeating a virus, an unfavorable situation, and generally anything negative. Therefore, the feeling of complete cancellation of life as we known it so far will not help anywhere… But postponement foreshadows something different, something better, the future exit and the end of an unprecedented, situation. And that could only be positive. The difficulties of course do not end as easily and simply, but we can certainly help ourselves to cope with the events much more effectively than if we felt we were in a deadlock. Which has led to panic -a rarely a good advisor- and complete disappearance of toilet paper rolls!!!

Nothing lasts forever!
Before making any major decisions, such as the complete cancellation of our travels and vacations, we must remember that no situation, nowhere and under no circumstances lasts forever. The natural flow of things does not allow it. And everything changes with time, either positive -unfortunately- or negative -fortunately-. Therefore, a complete cancellation of your plans may not need to be implemented. However, a major postponement is certainly preferable, necessary, but also very promising.
Everything in life is changing, so it will be in this case. The bad experience will end, the light will come back and new horizons will be discovered. Put them on a big hold today, to explore them even better tomorrow!

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