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Which Social Network is the best fit for your business?

Which Social Network is the best fit for your business?

We are now well aware that social networks are critical digital marketing tools, and that all businesses aiming for success must maintain a dynamic presence in them. However, considering the ever-increasing number of social media available, how can we know which ones are best suited to each business? The answer to this question depends on the characteristics of each network, combined with the objectives and identity of each brand. In the following, we will give you an idea so that you can determine which platform is the most suitable for your business to start its journey in the social media universe.

When we refer to social media, the first thing that comes to mind is clearly Facebook. This is because, while it may no longer be at its peak, it remains one of the most popular social media in history, maintaining millions of loyal users. Facebook is governed by a more personal nature, so it acts as a helpful tool for businesses that want to develop intimacy with their customers. Smaller, local businesses, in particular, can use it to quickly answer questions, create groups or participate in live broadcasts, effectively promoting their products. In addition, because of the powerful ads it offers, it is the ideal choice for new businesses that need a lot of exposure, as well as those targeting an older audience with stronger buying power, since this audience is more familiar with this medium.

Many newer mediums have tried to succeed it, but Instagram remains firmly in the top positions of the most successful social media. By placing a strong emphasis on image and aesthetics, Instagram is the perfect digital marketing tool for a multitude of businesses, such as travel, hotels, clothing, art, decorating and many more, that emphasize their photography and, by leveraging it, can attract new customers. Furthermore, Instagram is a great option for all businesses that have an e-shop, since now, through the “Instagram Shop” tool, users can make purchases with a single click on posts, from their smartphone. This definitely appeals to a younger age group, as it makes online shopping easier than ever.

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is not so much based on image or personal communication, as it mainly targets employees and businesses. Due to its strong business nature, therefore, LinkedIn is the best solution for any B2B (Business-to-Business) business, as it offers a unique opportunity to network and promote products exclusively to the right audience, i.e. other businesses.

YouTube is consistently one of the top choices of countless users worldwide, proving how effective video content can be when used correctly. For this reason, it is particularly useful for all brands, and even more so for those that provide services to their customers, for example tutorials, cooking recipes, advice, coaching, teaching, support, etc. One of the most important principles of digital marketing, after all, is to offer value. This is exactly what YouTube contributes to when the videos posted give something to users, which may not be tangible, but is just as meaningful.

Tik Tok
Many may underestimate it, but Tik Tok, in just a few short years, has managed to stand out among several already established social media and “threaten” them significantly. The platform was created to publish short videos of well-known music tracks, naturally delighting the young Gen Z audience. So we can see how businesses such as youth clothing, gadget, tech product and other stores can benefit greatly from using Tik Tok, and at the same time give a more cheerful touch to their brand’s style.

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