Ready. Set. Launch… The Rising Tourism of Greece

Ready. Set. Launch… The Rising Tourism of Greece

In Greece, the Tourism field is undoubtedly one of the strongest, and contrary to various estimates, there has been a rapid increase of the country’s Tourism lately. Last year, in 2019 it peaked, with airline arrivals rising 12% over 2018, according to data released by the Institute of Hellenic Tourism Enterprises, Insete Intelligence, setting a new record! It is no surprise of course, since through the ever-increasing visibility of Greek, tourism businesses online, Greece’s island and inland beauty have both been highlighted and showcased more than ever before… In Athens alone, for the first time the foreign visitors’ number has surpassed 6 million!

At the same time, over the last years, there has been a huge increase in the number of luxury boutique hotels and their number of beds, which have increased by 75% over the past decade. The five and four-star hotels are booming, and in 2019 40 new Athenian, SMEs and large hotel companies have been created in total. The professionals of the field are aiming to take full advantage of the positive climate prevailing, while this is true for Greek and foreign entrepreneurs, as Athens has now established itself as a leading European destination due to the above developments.
The technological advance and online presence of most Greek accommodation facilities, seems to have played a crucial role in these positive developments. As a matter of fact, it has resulted in higher bookings, probably due to the convenience they offer to potential buyers, but also in large, worldwide exposure, making them even more attractive! The Greek tourism product has been greatly benefited by the increase of mobile, travel applications and websites where the largest number of bookings come from. This close contact with technology, especially for younger people, has created a greater “travel need” since, especially through Social Media, the intense visual stimulus is increasingly encouraging the search for the next travel destination. Apart from that, the technological development of most hotel units that invest in their strong presence makes the booking process, the trip itself, and exploring each location even easier for the user.

In a world that’s constantly changing, most Tourism business Owners seem to be doing the same, seeing thorny, tangible results that can only be considered positive. It seems that their online investment, promotion and awareness have had maximum effects that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Improvement and development could rarely have a negative effect…  The progression of Greek Tourism over the coming years remains to be seen, though it’s expected to be brilliant. As brilliant also is the beauty of this country!  

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