The New Reality of Tourism in Greece for 2020

The New Reality of Tourism in Greece for 2020

A little more than a month has passed since the lifting of the restrictive measures and the lockdown in Greece. Now, Tourism is the country’s biggest bet, since it will certainly be nothing like the previous summer seasons. At the same time, the progress of the upcoming tourist season will play a decisive role in the general Greek economy, for the months to come. The events of the last few months have certainly shocked the world, yet most travelers seem to be ready for a dynamic return to their activities, following any necessary measures of course.
Can summer and a mask go together? Apparently they will!
On June 15, Greece opens its air borders to travelers from 29 countries. In this new reality, travelers will be divided into two categories. To those who come from countries with a good epidemiological picture and to those with a bad one. These categories will be determined by the official list of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which will be redefined and constantly updated, according to the latest data.
Individuals from countries on this list will have to take a mandatory test and later be quarantined for one day. If the test’s result is negative, then they should continue the quarantine period for another seven days, and if the test is positive, then they will be quarantined for another 14 days under close supervision.
All that while hotel units across the country are feverishly preparing for their reopening and for the arrival of tourists. With a huge list of new measures and restrictions of course, concerning the number of customers, the cleaning and disinfecting services, the distances between customers in the premises, the use of masks by the staff,  and even the way the check-in and check-out will be carried out. New suggestions and ideas are not missing from the equation, with some for example discussing check-in/check-out in the outdoors if possible.
The list of 29 countries lacks key areas for Greek tourism, such as the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy and others. And while after July 1st, further development of this list is expected, a big burden falls on domestic tourism for this year’s profits. Many Greeks are willing to support Greek tourism, especially after such a long quarantine period. This was proven by the “test” of the long weekend, for the celebration of the Holy Spirit. Greek travelers showed preference for destinations close to Athens, while on some islands such as Skyros, passenger occupancy reached 100%!
However, the concern remains, as in recent days there has been a new increase in cases after the pandemic’s recession. This could mean new, stricter measures in the tourism industry, as well as a review of the country’s entry list. In general, this is an unprecedented situation that will, of course, affect all sectors to the maximum.
The only sure thing is that this year will be a completely different period for each tourism business. Restarting of course, despite the measures, is a fact. For some it is of particular concern, while for others it is the prospect of a professional “breath of fresh air”. The responsibility now lies with both the hoteliers and the travelers themselves, who are called upon to faithfully follow the measures of personal protection. Nothing may be the same in terms of travel. But the bright sun, the clear blue seas and the indisputable beauty of our country will always be there. Eternal values ​​that will cause us to find the solution to every problem, so that we can continue sharing them with the world and enjoying them to the fullest!

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