Who We Are


Some Years Ago, 3 Young people, Visualized the creation of an Agile Company in the field of Digital Marketing. Specialized in Tourism businesses we started to focus in the Chinese and Russian Market.

That’s How the idea “Holidays in Greece” Was born.

After much travelling around Greece, our team got familiar with the best in every field of tourism and it became clear to us that we had to
expand to the English speaking markets as well and focus our project in providing the “ local Greek experience”.

That’s how the Application “Holidays in Greece” Was Created and it is available for Android & iOS 

Meanwhile, Web Design , Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing  where added and the team started to Grow.
Today , the “Global Touch” family has climbed up to 15 people , all of them working in
harmony with our foreign campaign partners from Sofia, Belgrade, Zurich, Munich and Cyprus.

Lately the Social Media & Digital Marketing  Department of our team, is working on expanding even more the reach of “Holidays in Greece” and the others projects to people and places that have to feel  “The Greek Local Experience”

Our Goals

Evolution & innovation

We live in the Age of Fast information. For that reason , we strongly believe that we have to keep on Learning, Adapting, Evolving. In that way , we will always be one step ahead , and so will our customers.

mobile application

Value for Money & Quality

Word of mouth is our main way of promoting our company.That is why we focus on providing the best possible quality within the price range that our customers feel satisfied. This is undeniable.

LOng Lasting partnerships

We Believe in Team Work and bidirectional exchange of experience & knowledge. So we have invested on our partners.

Our Team

Stefanos Vamvakaris
Stefanos Vamvakaris
Marketing & Development
Panagiotis Markos
Panagiotis Markos
Product Manager
Dimitris Atmatsidis
Dimitris Atmatsidis
International Sales
Panagiotis Karamaritis
Panagiotis Karamaritis
Tourism industry Expert
Lefteris Katsouris
Lefteris Katsouris
Sales Network Expert
Company Representatives

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