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Welcome to our company!

We are the Global touch. A fresh, creative group of young people who has been dynamically developing over the past four years in the field of digital marketing and has already begun to excite the creative imagination of several small businesses in Greece. But let’s look at the beginning. What’s the story. What was the idea. The beginning was when the experience, the passion for new ideas and the identification of the need for digital services became common points in the minds of the founders of Global.

The idea was to create something different in space.  Something true and genuine in services. A group of people who would produce ideas for their partners and at the same time would maintain human relationships, contact and cooperation combined with the provision of modern digital marketing services.The idea became an act. Through continuous travel throughout Greece and through contact with the market and the professionals our mission has been defined and determined.

”Putting all our creative imagination and effort into making the people of every business that collaborates with us feel proud of its modern digital image. We know they deserve it.”

Why is it worth working with us?

Happy Customers

We already have dozens of associates / customers who are proud


We constantly evolve the company with new tools and techniques


We are constantly searching for knowledge and ideas for you

Personal Contact

We focus on communication, personal contact and service

5 Star Portfolio

We already have a portfolio of examples that are commented with 5 stars


We chase the results. Your own maximum results


We reinforce our passion for this job every day

New Ideas

We keep the freshness of our team in ideas.

Long-Term Partnership

We build long-term partnerships

our principles




Our Vision

And after all the above plus the ideas born, the results that were created for the people we met, the projects that were assigned, the challenges that arose, the solutions given, the feelings we received came the vision. We want to get there. what is the vision?

A company, a family. A model of cooperation and innovation. A group of people who will grow constantly and work to establish an excellent image of Greek businesses on the Internet.

Our vision is to bring together all of us with the aim of rapidly emerging globally of all quality Greek products and services with an emphasis on innovation with Global touch contributing to it.

Our Team

Stefanos Vamvakaris
Stefanos Vamvakaris
Marketing & Development
Panagiotis Markos
Panagiotis Markos
Product Manager
Caroline Arvaniti
Caroline Arvaniti
Office Manager
Fotini Gangidou
Fotini Gangidou
Marketing Expert
Dimitris Vamvakaris
Dimitris Vamvakaris
Sales Support
Dimitris Atmatsidis
Dimitris Atmatsidis
International Sales
Company Representatives
Vasilis Papadopoulos
Vasilis Papadopoulos
Sales Director of Northen Greece
Vaggelis Kareliotis
Vaggelis Kareliotis
Web Developer
Antonis Vagger
Antonis Vagger
Social Media Expert
Matilda Simakaj
Matilda Simakaj
Sales Director

Let's Get in Touch

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