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Σχέδιο χωρίς τίτλο (79)


Personalized service with a personal advisor.
The only Digital Marketing company in Greece with personalized support.

This service was designed based on the specific requirements of each of our clients individually. Through it, we essentially give every client the opportunity to find directly, and without having to “search”, the person in charge who will start solving any potential problem, provide a clarification or answer a question. This is a highly personalized service, which strongly proves that the company’s team is here for you!

√ Immediate telephone service from Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00.
During the most important hours of the day and the most productive days of the week, you will have immediate and quick access to your personal advisor by phone. Specialized. For you. You’ll be able to reach out to us about any issue related to our partnership. If it’s a problem, it will be resolved. If it’s an idea, it will be discussed and carefully considered.

√ Commitment to respond to a daily request from 17.00 until 09.00.
The service continues via email, which will be immediately seen by your personal advisor and acted upon for you. With this service, we commit to responding to your email and ensuring that you receive a call back within 8 hours. In case of an emergency, where even more immediate action is required before the 8 hour period, the necessary action will be taken accordingly.

40′ presentation of results and advisory call.

In addition to your contact with us, your personal service advisor plays another role that is extremely important to our partnership. Upon scheduling, you will be able to receive a detailed presentation of the results of our cooperation and our suggestions for further development and improvement, either at our offices or via an on line zoom call.

  • How many clicks did you receive?
  • How did your Google ad perform?
  • Have you received any reviews?
  • What needs improvement on your Instagram?
  • How can you ensure organic results?
  • Should you eventually run an email marketing campaign?

The answers to the above questions, and many more, will be available to you at these meetings!

We are in contact with every partner!