Social media trends come and go all the time, but one platform always remains at the top when it comes to online visibility… Instagram of course! From sharing amazing food photos to promoting your business in the best possible way, this social media platform has it all… As long as you know how to use it properly, of course! Like us, Instagram is constantly evolving, so it’s the same with the techniques you need to thrive on the platform. Keep reading for some tips and tricks that will boost engagement and bring new followers to Instagram!

High quality content

This is a classic tip, but since Instagram is primarily a photography platform, sharing high quality, well thought out photos is always a great way to attract more people to your profile! Make sure you’re always creative and that no blurry, “rushed” photos are found in your feed. You really don’t need state-of-the-art, super expensive equipment… Just a steady hand or tripod and some natural lighting!

Follow the trends

Especially in the last few months, with the world being hit by the new pandemic, trends have been – and continue to be – popping up all the time! Make sure you choose the ones that suit your style and style and follow them. Maybe it’s a special way to take a photo or even a color combination to use in your photos!

Take the Challenge

Quarantine sure isn’t fun… Or maybe it can be? Users have definitely been doing their best this season and the result has been so many fun challenges on Instagram! One of the best ways to trigger engagement and gain new followers is to participate in one – or some – of these challenges. From pillow challenges to makeup challenges we’ve seen just about everything! Again, find one that fits your style or your business and give it your own unique spin. Don’t forget to use the relevant hashtags of course and chances are your post will end up on the discovery page!

 Interact authentically

Above all, Instagram is a beautiful community… So if your desire is to see your likes and followers go up, you need to interact authentically with this community! Randomly liking a hundred times will have no effect and will most likely get you in trouble. Just find content you really like and engage with it. Like it, comment on something meaningful and you’ll find that the response you get will be very positive!

Stand out

It’s hard not to look so commercial, especially when your goal is to promote your business through Instagram, and sometimes copying highly successful accounts can be really tempting. Keep in mind, though, that what works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Staying true to yourself, your business and your philosophy is far more valuable than copying something or just trying to sell a particular product. Find that factor that sets you apart, that no one else has, and bring it out. Let it shine through your posts! This will bring crowds of fans to your amazing profile or even your business!

Of course, if the above seems difficult you can contact a digital marketing agency, which can take care of the whole instagram digital marketing concept for you. You will simply be left in the hands of the experts.

So these are the tips that will help your Instagram stand out in 2020! Whether you want to grow your business or simply improve your online presence, being firm in your values, along with a few simple techniques will have incredible results!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.


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